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The Elliot Musuem

The Elliot Musuem

Historical Society of Martin County

When: The Museum is open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm and Sunday from 1pm to 4pm. Admission for Adults is $7 and Children are $2.

Address: 825 NE Ocean Boulevard

Phone: 772-225-1961

Website: http://www.elliottmuseumfl.org

The Elliot Museum in Stuart Florida has extensive Martin County and Stuart history

The Elliot Museum was built in 1960 and is directly in front of Stuart Beach.

The museum has a vast collection of local history with photographs and displays of historical events such as the creation of Martin County, recreations of early 20th century rooms, an extensive collection of vintage cars, baseball memorabilia, and detailed displays of the many inventions that made Sterling Elliot a legend in the automobile industry.

Here is a summary of the exhibits:

The General Store
A recreation of the General Store found in many areas of the United States at the turn of the 20th century. On display are food, clothing, tools, and household items you would find in 1900 general store. All the items are displayed in a recreation of an actual general store complete with postal boxes and a creaky wooden floor.

Martin County History
Maps, interesting photographs, and artifacts from the early beginnings of Martin county circa 1925.

Vintage Toys
Toys, dolls and books from the 1950’s.

1928 Dinning Room
A recreation of a dining room from about 1928 - one year before the great depression with furniture owned by the famous silent movie actor Fatty Aurbuckle.

Baseball Memorabilia
An extensive collection of signed Baseball Hall of Fame memorabilia second only to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Baseball cards, bats, banners and uniforms all signed by famous ball players like Babe Ruth.

Elliot Invention Room
Just a few of the many inventions of Sterling Elliot are on display including the famous Quadricycle, which has many of the features such as the non-turning front axle, a differential rear axle, two wheel steering, self equalizing brakes, and independent vertical action of all four wheels - all used in todays cars.

The Automobile Gallery
A beautiful collection of antique cars that includes a 1909 Hupmobile, a 1936 Austin, a 1903 Cadillac, a 1932 Stutz, and a recently donated 1957 Chevy Bellair. There are also motorcycles including a 1911 and 1915 Harley Davidson.