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Mini Lobster Season

Mini Lobster Season

When: The last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday in July. For 2008 that is July 30 and 31. 12:01 AM on Wednesday to 12:00 Midnight on Thursday.

July 30 and 31 are the spiny lobster sport season for 2008. This is your chance to catch your own Florida lobster.

Every July there is a mini lobster season when anyone can go out and catch a few lobster but you must have the proper license and follow the rules.

Fishing License:

Each person must have a Florida recreational saltwater fishing license and a crawfish permit (stamp).

Bag Limits

  12 lobster per person per day, 6 per person per day in Monroe County and Biscayne National Park.
Note that bag limits are only for properly licensed people and those people may NOT exceed their individual bag limit and take another persons bag limit.

Bottom Line is don’t try to cheat you will get a ticket, your boat will be impounded, and you could be arrested.