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Film Festival at the Blake Library

The Blake Library

Film Festival at the Blake Library

Southern Arts Federation

When: Saturday, September 12 - 10:00 AM and repeating at 1:30 PM

Where: The Blake Library

Address: 2351 SE Monterey Rd, Stuart Florida 34996

Phone: 772-288-5702

Event Date: September 12, 2009

A marathon of 12 short films by southern filmakers.

The Short Circuit Traveling Film Festival is coming to the Blake Library.

It’s a three hour film festival that will show 12 short films that categorized as animation, documentary, experimental, and fiction.

The films will run twice starting at 10am and 1:30 pm.

Here is a summary of the films.

Raised on Rice and Gravy

Documentary about the food and cooking traditions of French Louisiana.


An Experimental Film that shows imagery derived directly from Nature.

Si Tu No Estas

A fictional film about a Bolero Guitar Player who struggles with music and life after the death of his wife.

Flight Lessons

An animated film about the wonder and intricacy of modern jet aviation.

The Farm Team

A documentary film that is a first hand look at being on the grounds crew for a minor league baseball team in Mobile Alabama, the rainiest city in America.

My Deer Friend

A fictional film about a pre-teen pressured to kill a Deer to win his fathers respect.


A fictional film about a recently paralyzed woman who is on a mission to find her missing car.

Monster Movie

An animated film about a cute girl that is not scared when a monster leaps out of her television.

Sunlight and Babies

Sunlight and Babies is a Documentary Movie that shows the culture of Truck Stops through the voices of several anonymous truckers through CB Radio Interviews.


An experimental film that is a stop-action fable about primordial jealousy.

Faster Pastor

A documentary about a dozen local preachers that race each other in stock cars.

Falling to the Top

A fictional film about a hapless 2- year old trying to get his life together. This film is shot in a Gothic Comic Book style and is oddly funny.