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Bathtub Reef Beach

Bathtub Reef Beach

Address: 1585 SE MacArthur Blvd

Bathtub Beach, a favorite local swimming spot is open and looks great

Bathtub Reef Beach is a great place to swim because the reef that is just off shore protects the beach from currents and waves.

The beach area is now restored and new Dunes planted with sea oats sit between the beach and the parking lot.

Bathtub Beach Water Conditions

The water at Bathtub Beach looks perfect - we cruised out on a boat on Friday, May 21, 2010. We could see the bottom in 14 feet of water. And cruised in close to the reef and it was crystal clear.

New Sand Dunes

There are new sand dunes planted with sea oats designed to hold the dunes in place. The new dunes are roped off to keep beach visitors from walking on them - so keep off..

No Facilities

There are no bathrooms at Bathtub Beach currently but there are bathrooms about 100 yards north at Rocks Beach.