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Bonos Pit Barbeque

Stuart, Florida

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Bonos Pit Barbeque

The Boss of Barbeque

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Phone: 772-283-0078

Address: 2282 S.E. Federal Highway
Stuart, Florida 34994

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Barbecue is America’s only true indigenous food. Native Americans cooked their meats over pits and history tells us that George Washington attended a barbecue. Americans light up their grills more than 2.9 billion times a year. Barbecue is also society’s great equalizer; drive by a barbecue restaurant and it’s not unusual to find pick-ups next to luxury cars next to motorcycles.

Great bar-b-q will do that.

We don’t know if Lou Bono understood all this, but one thing’s for sure: he knew how to cook authentic southern bar-b-q.

Menu includes:
Beef, pork, turkey or ribs. Whole or half barbecue chicken, rack of baby back ribs
Barbecue beans or cole slaw
Brunswick Stew
Freshly brewed ice tean
Garlic Toast
All meats are slow cooked for 12 to 14 hours.